GM Automatic Transmission

2004R GM Automatic Transmissions

Contrary to popular belief, the GM 200-4R can be one tough transmission. In its stock form, it stood up to the power of the Buick Grand National. Many aftermarket transmission rebuilders have built the 200-4R even stronger to stand up to even more torque. the GM 200-4R was introduced in 1980 as an overdrive version of the 3 speed THM200. The GM 200-4R was vastly improved for strength and durability over the THM200. Because the 200-4R is similar in size to the THM 400, the 200-4R is a great replacement for the THM 400 that was used in older vehicles. The THM200-4R could be found in GM vehicles up until just after 1990.

2004R Facts

The GM 2004r transmission was introduced in 1982

2004R Transmission Specifications - Stock configuration

Number of Quarts of transmission fluid: 6 quarts

Overall length 27 11/16 inches
Bellhousing Height 19 1/8 inches
integral tailhousing

2004R does not require a computer to control it. The 2004R will require a 12 volt feed to control the torque converter clutch solenoid. Shifting of gears is done hydraulically.

2004R Gear Ratios
1st = 2.74
2nd = 1.57
3rd = 1.0
4th = .67
Reverse = 2.07